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Our country has had close connections with the UK and Europe since Captain Cook first stepped ashore here.

This region is about seeing history first-hand through visiting famous churches, gardens, stately homes, castles and landmark monuments.

There is so much to see and do in Britain and Europe that it can be difficult to decide on the best destinations for the time you have available.

Let us help! At Travel Partners, we are frequent visitors to these countries and know the areas well.

We can help you decide whether to take a tour or travel on your own. We can advise on the benefits of canal or river cruises, train trips versus coaches, or whether self-drive is the better option.

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to see, we can make it happen for you.

We have available a huge range of full-colour, fully detailed brochures on tours, cruises, accommodation and sightseeing options. Pop into our office above Specsavers and pick some up or send us a note telling us where you’re thinking of heading and we’ll put some in the mail for you.

At Travel Partners, we help you choose the holiday you truly want!

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2 nights from $2,841

Qantas Airways to London

2 nights from $3,012

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14 nights from $3,029

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2 nights from $2,761

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5 nights from $329

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9 nights from $5,039

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4 nights from $1,299

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4 nights from $1,769

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