Your First Destination
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Your First Destination
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Your First Destination
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Your First Destination
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Where In The World Do You Want to Travel?

Travel is on the bucket list for almost everyone. 

But to travel safely and stress-free requires a qualified specialist. 

It is easy to become stranded in a foreign country due to flight delays, cancellations or local events beyond your control.

You need an experienced travel professional to guide you through details such as visas, and support you in the event of a missed connections or sudden changes of plan.

Dunedin’s Travel Partners is that specialist.

They can make recommendations on places to visit, the best hotels and how to get around.

Their experience will give you peace of mind.



Travel by ship has become hugely popular for people of all ages, whether travelling solo or with family. Very cost-effective, cruises are a great way to see the world and we can give you unbiased recommendations.

Cruise with us

North America

A favourite destination of our clients, North America offers a huge range of holiday choices from Alaskan cruises to Hawaiian beach escapes.

We can help you plan your North American travel whether that’s arranging flights and accommodation, or recommending where to go.

Visit North America


By far the most popular region for Travel Partners’ clients, this area is steeped in history. Eastern Europe has opened up to travellers, making this also a go-to holiday destination for whatever type of holiday you have in mind.

Visit UK/Europe


Nice and close, Asia offers a wealth of cultures and travel opportunities. You won’t be bored for a minute and you’ll come home absolutely charmed by the diversity and beauty of what you’ve seen.

No matter what type of holiday you choose, the well-travelled agents at Travel Partners can help you arrange every detail so nothing is left to chance.  

Visit Asia

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